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TL:DR a foreign power or a domestic insurgency could easily fuck up our grid so that nationwide power outages lasting months would result. Screenshots of his analysis to follow.

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This widely-known picture shows a 9-year-old girl running naked on a road after being severely burned on her back by napalm on the 8th of June 1972, near Trang Bang, Tay Ninh province, South Vietnam.

Many people assumed it was the Americans that carried out the bombing. However, the fact is no Americans were directly involved in this tragic incident. The ground troops were all South Vietnamese soldiers and the aircraft dropping napalm was flown by South Vietnamese pilots.

U.S. Navy and Air force dropped many more napalm canisters and presumably killed/fried many more people during the Vietnam war than South Vietnamese forces did. But not that day, not that village and not that 9-year-old girl.


Another myth concerning Napalm:

It was first produced during World War II by adding thickening agents to petroleum or gasoline, resulting in a mixture which burnt longer and was easier to aim when used in flamethrowers. The original thickening agents were aluminium naphthenate and aluminium palmitate, hence the name “Napalm”.

However, Napalm used during the Vietnam war contained none of the original naphthenate and palmitate ingredients. Instead polystyrene (styrofoam) and benzene were used as a solvent to solidify the gasoline.

This new Napalm had several advantages over its World War II ancestor. First, it was safer to handle, you could put out a cigarette in it - no problem. Second, when it burnt, it burnt way longer. Third, it was stickier and adhered to the target/victim. And fourth, it produced a much higher temperature output.
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Reply if you hate masks.

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Test message.

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What did he ever say or do that was so offensive?

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The British Empire managed to do something most others have failed at. They were able to successfully get people from many different ethnic and cultural groups to get along (who would normally have killed each other). They used an imperial framework that was not overly heavy handed (as compared to other European nations), but a firm, fair model.

The inconvenient truth that most of these “anti colonialists” have to face, is that the pre-colonial societies were absolutely barbaric before contact. Here on the west coast it’s a well known fact that tribes would have ruthless wars and keep slaves. I know of indigenous people whose PARENTS were raised by slaves, this is in living memory.

Too often anti colonialists use a relativistic argument along the lines of “you imposed your system on us, but those are your values, and we value things differently”. The problem is, slavery, murder, human sacrifice, social caste systems, ritual mutilation, and more EXISTED under their indigenous cultural systems. They cannot argue those cultural artifacts are immoral without reverting to western morality in some way.

The British Empire was a massive force for good in the world. It pulled millions out of slavery, poverty, illiteracy. Ended the caste system and widow burning in India and left many functional (yet flawed) democracies.

Sure, it did some cruel things at times, but those acts were no different than what indigenous tribes have been doing for millennia. Unlike those tribes the empire evolved and moved away from them.

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